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If your child can't get enough of NIDO then you ought to join My #1 Video Contest. Just submit a video with you (a mother) and your child/children that has a Nido soundtrack and displays a Nido can or box. Similar to the commercial of Sharon Cuneta and her kids. The top 10 videos that garners the most number of votes gets to take home one year's supply of NIDO FORTIFIED!

Contest Requirements:
  • Only open to all non-pregnant mothers with child/children ages three (3)
    years old and above at the time of registration for this Promo
  • Residing in the Philippines at the time of joining and winning
  • Mothers with child/children below three (3) years of age, and all health professionals, are disqualified to join
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Visit and join the NIDO Multiply Group
  2. Fill in video contest registration form found in the multiply site
  3. To register, the contestant must answer the following items in the Registration Form:
    • Full name of the contestant
    • Full name of all her child/children.
    • Date of birth of the contestant
    • Date of birth of all her child/children
    • Complete home address and telephone number(s).
    • Valid e-mail address
    • Whether she has read or has not read the full mechanics of the contest
    • Whether she agrees or does not agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in the contest mechanics
  4. Upload a music video or photo montage of you, the mother and your child/children the NIDO Multiply group
  5. Video Requirement:
    • Video length is 90 seconds, with a maximum file size of 20 MB, formatted as mpeg, mp4, wmv, avi or mov video file format (can be downloaded on the multiply site)
    • Show a can or box of NIDO FORTIFIED ONLY
    • Clear images of the mother and her child/children or the child/children who registered as participants in this promo
    • Child/children in the music video are aged 3 years old and above
    • Mother in the music video is not shown as pregnant
    • No sip cup or milk-feeding bottle is featured
  6. Once uploaded in the the contestants can no longer
    change or edit their entries. One uploaded entry is considered one entry.
  7. Only one (1) entry per multiply address will be allowed
  8. Upon successful upload of the entry, an e-mail notification that the entry has been received and that the same shall be pre-screened for acceptability will be shown on the website
  9. All qualified video entries will be uploaded to the website for public viewing and for voting. Voting may be done as soon as an entry is posted in the website. The last day of voting will be on 31 March 2008.
  10. Voting will be open to both Multiply and non-Multiply members. A person can vote more than once and can vote as many times as he/she wants.
  11. Top 10 videos win!
  12. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: January 2 - March 31, 2009

Contest Prize:
  • Top 10 videos win one year's supply of NIDO FORTIFIED

  • Online submission
  • Fun to do with your children
  • Voting is open to both multiply and non-multiply users and voters can vote more than once!
  • None
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