FREE Red Mobile Sim

Monday, January 26, 2009 Unknown 13 Comments

Umobile, or should I say Red Mobile, is now giving away FREE Sim Cards! Yep! Get your very own FREE Red Mobile Sim simply by registering. Red Mobile will send you a Sim Card straight to your doorstep! Not only that but make a successful referral and get FREE talktime!

  1. Sign up on
  2. Click on the email verification for your account
  3. If you requested to have a Red Mobile sim delivered, and you have entered a complete and valid address, your Red Mobile sim will be scheduled for delivery after administrator approval. Please allow up to 3 business days delivery time within Metro Manila and 5 business days outside Metro Manila.
  4. Once you receive your sim, input your Red Mobile number at your profile details page to be able to start earning points.
  5. Earn talktime for each friend who registers in LoadMomma, activates their sim and inputs their Red number at their profile page.
  6. You'll receive 20 minutes talktime for every valid referral you make which will be sent after verification and processing.
  7. Go to the Load Manager tab, to see an estimate of your free talktime.
  8. Allow up to 72 hours for processing of your free talktime after verification.
  9. View complete contest mechanics

  • FREE Red Mobile Sim
  • FREE TalkTime
  • You need a 3G cellphone for the Sim card to work


Berryblitz said...

sumali ako ah

kaso, 3G? hmmmmm

Celbestre said...

Isnt this a phishing scam? to get your email and passwords? I tried this with a dummy email, I did not receive anything, its been more than a week. Anyone received any sim cards?

Nope, not a scam. I actually have an existing red mobile sim (they replaced my umobile sim) last year pa but when I registered, I got another red mobile sim. Wierd no? Anyway, I guess it works since they do give you a red mobile sim right at your doorstep. However, I haven't checked if I have already gained FREE talktime through referrals. Will update you guys about this but you will definitely get a red mobile sim. Oh and about the confirmation msg. I don't remember getting one. Some websites don't require you for email confirmation.

Anonymous said...

is the free sim card promo still on going? I registered about a week ago. haven't received my sim card yet.

I think so. Do leave a comment again if you haven't received the sim. Give it a month, tops! hehe

Gem said...

No its not a scam. I registered last thursday and I got it yesterday which is wednesday. Im surprised because I thought I will only received 1 sim instead they send me 4 sims.

Berryblitz said...

bat ako, hindi ko pa nareceive :(

rocky said...

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Celbestre said...

I take back what I said, matagal lang talaga sila mag send. I received 8. Baka nadoble kaya may delays, kasi friends ko, they got only 4.

Dan said...

meron pa po ba nito?

d na ata.

"We're no longer giving away free sims" - nakasulat sa main page nila

Dan said...

ok thank you po! :)

Anonymous said...

hi, sorry, just wanted to ask how to get the number of my red mobile sim? possible keys to press? this was just given to me and not sure with the number either.
checked already, no load at can't text or dial.