Asia Without Borders 2009

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What do you do to a photograph you took that was absolutely breathtaking? Submit it to Asia Without Borders 2009 Photo Competition! Your striking image of Asia’s land, people, architecture or wildlife could just Win you a brand new 1 x CanonEOS 5D MK II. No hurries because deadline of entries is still on September 2009.

Contest Requirements:
  • Open to entrants of all skill levels
Contest Mechanics:
      The mountains, jungles, forests and seas of Asia are unique in the world. Images that capture Asia’s physical beauty and sense of place.
      From ancient tribes to modern city dwellers, intimate and evocative portraits of people at work and play
      Whether deep on a reef wall or deep in a rainforest, portraits of the planet’s creatures, big and small.
      Abstract images of animals, people and places of Asia. From the Lomo to the Ixus, let your imagination and creativity loose! Limited to individuals 21-years-old and below as of 30 September, 2009.
  3. Entries must be saved in RGB jpeg format at a size of 14” (about 35cm) in the longest dimension (regardless of whether it is a portrait or landscape image) with at least 300dpi in resolution.
  4. Save each category separately on a CD/DVD, making sure to write or label your name and email address on the disc itself (not the cover!).
  5. Labelling Your Images - Name each jpg file according to the following template:
    • Category_LastName_FirstName_Entry#.jpg
    • Example: The Land_Smith_John_01.jpg
  6. Photograph manipulation is limited to:
    • Tonal corrections and colour corrections (no dodging/burning allowed);
    • Moderate sharpening (no blurring of backgrounds or adjustment of saturation allowed);
    • Removing or repairing dirt and lint from scanned negatives or noise and faulty pixel and damage from digital images;
    • Cropping, but only 10% of the original image. (Contestants will be bound by the honour system.) Submissions which have obviously been heavily cropped will be disqualified.
    • No post-production filters allowed. This includes infra red, gauze, mosaic, vivid, etc.
    • Failure to comply with rules on photograph manipulation may result in disqualification of entry.
  7. Download Entry form attach the entry form with your CD/DVDs and submit to:
    • Asian Geographic Magazines Pte Ltd
      [Asia Without Borders 2009 Photo Competition]
      No.1 Syed Alwi Road #06-01,
      Song Lin Building Singapore 207628.
  8. View complete contest mechanics

Contest Period: January 1, 2009 - September 30, 2009

Contest Prize:
  • Winners from each category will receive:
    • Grand Prize - 1 x CanonEOS 5D MK II
    • 1st Prize - 1 x CanonEOS 5D MK II
    • Young Photographer’s Prize - 1 x CanonEOS 5D MK II

  • Each contestant may enter any or all of the FOUR (4) categories, but is limited to a maximum of ONE (1) image submission per category.
  • Entries become the property of Sponsors and will not be returned.
  • Mail entries
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