Win a Limited Edition HAVAIANAS Leisure Towel

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 Unknown 5 Comments

Here is your chance to take home a Limited Edition HAVAIANAS Leisure Towel. Simply answer the question: "What is your creative way of using a towel?" before January 9, 2009. Increase your chance of winning by answering the same questions in 3 blogs that is hosting this contest. Good Luck!

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Wendy said...

Such a big towel can be used to give my children one big group bath and drying session. That way I only need one towel every time -- saves water, saves detergent, saves money, saves the environment. I hit so many birds in one stone it's just too incredible for words...

Anonymous said...

well, i make it like a dress,,,sometimes a hat....u can do many things in creative ways

Noelizm said...

When I go out of town on bare lodging but with minimal luggage, it has 3 other purposes aside from drying my body after a bath:
1. as a pillow
2. as a bedsheet
3. as a blanket

I'll shape the towel like a pole and tie it up vertically on the ceiling in the middle of the room. Out from the bathroom i'll dry myself swinging using the towel ala-Tarzan or the ladies can do pole dancing with it while i watch. :-)

Guys, I am not hosting this contest!