My first Sony experience is with my Sony Walkman

Wednesday, December 03, 2008 Unknown 0 Comments

Sony has been part of my life since the day I was born I was just a tiny baby fetus! My mom used to tell me she always felt me kicking and dancing inside her belly every time she listened to her favorite radio program on her Sony radio. Sound was the only thing that connected me, the baby, to the outside world. Call me corny but no wonder I love old songs! Eventually, my mom gave birth to me and before I could say my first words, I was already singing. My relatives knew that I loved to sing and listen to music which is why on my 9th birthday, I got My first Sony experience with my Sony Walkman.

I just loved my first Sony Walkman. Bright colorful colors, stylish, and compact (compared to walkmans back then of course!) and if you notice, it also reads "my first Sony" on the casing which was right on the money! I could listen to AM, FM, and my cassettes, that is as much as you could get back then.

I remember I used to sneak my Sony Walkman into school. It was of course against the rules but I just can't stay away from my music. Every break time my friends would play "maalis alis" over who would get to listen to the other earphone. My friends brought the latest tapes they could find while I brought the oldest tapes I could find. We never did play the old tapes *hehe*. I made new friends and made friendship even stronger with my Sony Walkman.

Even now, I still use my Sony Walkman to listen to cassettes and radio. After all these years it still works, can you believe that? There was lot of wonderful memories with my Sony Walkman which makes it one of my most treasured possession. It definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First Noise Canceling Headphones which makes listening to music a whole new experience.