Guys, Vote for ME!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Unknown 11 Comments

Hi guys, I sent an entry to Nesvita Video Contest: Weight & See and got in the TOP 10! Yahoo! But I need your help in getting to get to the number 1 spot. All I need you to do is vote for me through this link. If you have not yet registered, simply fill out the registration form and vote for me. I did the video with a friend whom I knew through this blog. I really hope we win! Thanks in advance!


hi, voted for your entry :) hope you'll win the contest.

and congrats nakapasok ka sa top 10.

check my entry at medicol =p at

JaGGeR said...

voted! hahaha

itot54joni said...

ahehehe, kaw pala yan.kasali din ako.#9 ako dun.boto mo din.kulelat na tayo e.

Anonymous said...

shalomsy i voted you! by the way, ikaw ba yung nakablack jacket sa christmas party ng yehey? approach sana kita kaso nahihiya ako..hehe

Unknown said...

nope, hindi ako pumunta e. thanks for voting peeps.

itot54joni - oo nga e haha kawawa tayo!

bat hindi kayo pumunta? as in alam nyo na winner before yung day nung party/coronation ng winner nila?

itot54joni said...

okay lang yun bro, may ipod nano na tayo!

Anonymous said...

wala na bagong promo???

Unknown said...

meron, i'll just be out of d country for a few days. May mga bagong promos sa rightmost column labeled "FREE ONLINE PROMOS". Ingat!

Anonymous said...

We regret to inform you that you are subject to disqualification for you are one of the four participants generating dummy emails and accounts. Please see terms and conditions. Please be reminded that we are tracking IP Addresses, Emails, Usernames, and Contacts to verify your entries.

Nesvita Pro Weight Management Administrator

Anonymous said...

Totoo kaya yung nag-blog na subject to disqualification? Sa totoo, ayaw ko talaga sumali sa isang contest na meron voting. Nag-accuse na me dayaan kahit totoo mga bumoto.

Sa akin lang, sana ang mga nag-hold ng contest tulad ng Nesvita, wag na sila maglagay ng voting system kung me chance na dayaan. Paano nila malalaman kung kagagawan ni boy kuripot yan or ibang tao na nag-sabotahe sa kanya? Malamang hindi yan mababasa ng IP address at e-mail nila.

For me, maganda naman ang entry ni boy kuripot. Kung totoong taga Nesvita yan, please reconsider.

Btw ndi ako si boy kuripot pero kuripot din ako, hehehe.