Catch the Dancing Ellen - ETC

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Catch the Dancing Ellen on ETC and you could be on your way to watch her show LIVE in LA! All you have to do is watch ETC on December 1 to 31 2008 from Monday to Friday at 7PM until 8PM and catch the keyword of the week. Go online and send your entry. You never know, you might even get the chance to dance with Ellen!

Promo Requirements:
  • Only viewers 18 years old and above can join the promo, (companion of the winner also has to be 18 years old and above)
  • US Visa
Promo Mechanics:
  1. From December 1 to 31 2008, viewers may join the promo by watching the Ellen deGeneres Show on 2nd Avenue. The Ellen show appears from Monday to Friday at 7PM until 8PM, and the Dancing Ellen Icon containing the keyword of the week will appear randomly three (3) times during the show for 15-30 seconds each appearance during the promo period.
  2. The promo is open for ELLEN viewers who want to join. There are 3 ways of joining:
    • Via SMS [Globe User]
      • must be a subscriber of Globe in post paid or pre- paid plans
      • Viewers who choose to join via SMS should text their entries with complete details
    • Via Website
      • Viewers who choose to join via Website should log on to the ellen contest page and fill up blank fields between 7-8pm Monday-Friday within the promo period
    • Fax
      • Send entries at 813.13.54 [SOLAR FAX HOTLINE]
      • Fill up the following information (Name, Address, Age, Mobile number, Gender and Email Address) between 7-8pm Monday-Friday within the promo period
  3. View complete promo mechanics
Promo Period: December 1 - 31, 2008

Promo Prize:
  • Watch Ellen live at LA with a friend (specific details incomplete but I'm thinking it's plane tickets and accomodations)
  • FREE to do
  • Easy to do
  • NONE!
For more information, log on to