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First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have joined my contests. I'm very happy to see so many entires but I'm also sad that I could only award just one person. Judging was not an easy task! Well, I guess it's time to find out who the Winners of Bratpack Bag Diaries and Wii Party at Red Box are!

Bratpack Bag Diaries contest winner is...

Mutya Venturanza!!!

She wrote:
I graduated from the University of the Philippines Manila. During that four years of college, I only used 1 bag – my green backpack which accompanied me through thick and thin. It was given to me by mom as a birthday gift during my last year in high school. Knowing that I will soon be entering the university, my mom made sure I will be having a sturdy bag to carry all my stuff (which turned out to be just a notebook and my kikay kit since I seldom buy textbooks for myself back in college). At first I was turned off with the backpack given to me – imagine, its green! I would have preferred pink! But as time went by, my green backpack proved to be very useful. For one, I was not able to have it washed all those for years and it still looked the same green backpack I received during my birthday!
I was able to easily fit in my new university with my green backpack. After all, I am at the University of the Philippines where everyone uses no other bag but a backpack. Plus, the green color matched the University’s official colors!
My green backpack was my constant companion all those four years. I hiked with it, went to rallies with it and survived pickpocket fiascos with it. Yeah, my bag was slashed two times – both times while I was inside the jeepney. The zipper was opened twice at Quiapo and taft Avenue. But I’m happy to say that my bag and I survived in one piece!
My bag witnessed my transition from the high school girl to the grown up I have become. And my bag transitioned too! It started clean before I entered UP. After four years, my bag is already unrecognizable with all those button pins attached to it – from the pins used by political groups in campus, pictures of Che Guevarra and Mao Zedong to the more conservative logos of my organization. My green backpack became a testimony of the political ideology I was supporting during my college years.
But wait, did I mention that my green backpack also shared my crying moments? We did! I was in Baguio when a guy whom I dated for sometime told me that he liked another guy. So there I was, under the Oblation at UP Baguio, with my green backpack. But since I was too embarrassed to let others know I was crying, I cried my heart out while covering my face with my backpack. I sobbed all afternoon but thank God, my back pack is absorbent, it absorbed all the tears!
After graduation, I let by bag retire. If I had a choice, I would have used it in law school. But nah – its time to get a new one. It has been years since I parted with my green backpack. But it shall remain a proof that yes, I survived my four years of college -- tattered, but in one piece.
I chose this as the winning entry because it was very entertaining, unique, emotional, and dramatic! I especially liked the part where she used the bag as her shoulder to cry on. It's like the bag is her best friend. Don't you agree? haha

and the Wii Party at Red Box contest winner is...

Christine Rodriguez!!!

This is her Mii character:
I chose this as the winning entry because her Mii looked so much like her. Starting from her hair, eyeglasses, face, and right down to her face expression.

Congratulations to the winners! I will be emailing you on how you could get your prizes. Keep on visiting for more contests, promos and freebies!


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