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Show how you win over your headache in Winners' True Videos by Medicol. Capture your winning moments and upload it online. Win not only over headache but also Win cool prizes like Macbook, HP desktop, Asus EeePC, Kodak cameras, iPod shuffles and more! Submission of 1st weekly judging will close on November 22 and I think only few have joined.

Contest Requirements:
  • Promo is limited to legal residents of the Philippines, ages 18 years and above
  • Buy 5 Ibuprofen Medicol caplets (keep the official receipt)
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Buy 5 Ibuprofen Medicol caplets and keep the official receipt
  2. Capture on video your real “Winning Moment” (winning moments in sports, school, love, first time experiences, work & hobbies)
  3. Upload your winning video on-line in any site of your choice (eg., or
  4. Email the following details to us through
    1. Full name
    2. Contact details (home address, email address, telephone number)
    3. Link of your video
    4. Date of Purchase
    5. Official Receipt number
    6. Store name, TIN of drugstore where you bought Medicol. Indicate branch and address where you brought the product
  5. Video Requirements
    1. Maximum of 1 minute. Videos more than 1 minute long is not valid.
    2. Label/name your videos in this format: medicolwtv_[title of your video]
      1. ssample title: medicolwtv_dingdong’srace
      2. Note: Videos with malicious, sexual or violent content will not be entertained
    3. Send us as many entries as you can. One (1) valid Medicol purchase official receipt is equivalent to one (1) video upload
    4. Upload period is from November 16 to December 13, 2008
    5. You may use any device to capture your own winning moments as long as submitted entries will be in video materials
    6. Submitted videos must be your very own winning moment
  6. Criteria for Judging
    • Originality 30%
    • Content & Relevance 30%
    • Popularity of Video 10%
      • Based on the number of comments on the online uploading site (Youtube, Facebook, Multiply) during the first phase
      • For the 20 semi-finalists, it will based on the number of views, votes, forwards on the Medicol Microsite
    • Clarity of Message 30%
  7. Top five (5) videos will be chosen weekly and will be featured in Medicol’s microsite
  8. The 20 semi-finalists will be featured in Medicol’s microsite and will be available for voting from December 17 to January 4, 2009
Contest Period:
  • Date videos were sent


    November 16-22, 2008

    November 24, 2008; Monday

    November 23-29, 2008

    December 2, 2008; Tuesday

    November 30-December 6, 2008

    December 8, 2008; Monday

    December 7-December 13, 2008

    December 15, 2008

  • Voting from December 17 - January 4, 2009
Contest Prize:
  • Twenty (20) videos will be chosen for the duration of the promo and will win an iPod Shuffle each
  • Top three (3) videos will win
    • 1st Place -MACbook
    • 2nd Place -HP Desktop
    • 3rd Place-Asus EeePC
  • Two (2) special awards will also be given away and will win a Kodak Digital Camera
  • Ten (10) lucky online voters will also get a chance to win P500 and gift packs via an electronic raffle draw

  • Multiple submission is allowed
  • Top 5 videos per week is sure to Win iPod shuffle (I think...)
  • "All video materials submitted to this promo are assumed property of Unilab. Reproduction, duplication, transmission, or commercial usage will be done even without prior approval from person/s who submitted the video/s"
  • Mechanics aren't very clear (how winners are chosen)
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