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Create an original ringtone and you might just be one of 12 winners of a Samsung M3510 plus P10,000. Make your Tone at Samsung now, be it an original ringtone you composed from scratch or create one using their online mixer tool (similar to the Garage program in Mac). Create ringtones with any of the 4 music genres: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Reggae. 3 winners per genre!

Contest Requirements:
  • Male or Female Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines from 16 years old and above
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Ways of Joining
      • Record on your own tone and follow these rules
        • 45 seconds in length
        • MP3 format ONLY
        • If vocals are present, the lyrics must be clear and non-offensive
        • Filenames should be saved as NAMEOFTONE_YOURNAME.MP3. (Ex. RockLoud_JohnJose.mp3)
        • Upload your tone at
  2. Every time you upload a tone, you receive a confirmation email through your registered email address. Each confirmation email will have a unique security code to ensure that it is authentic
  3. Judging Criteria
    • 40% Originality – how unique the melody and song sounds
    • 35% Musicality – how well the arrangement of instruments are
    • 25% Catchiness – how easily the ringtone is appreciated
  4. View complete contest mechnics
Contest Period: November 17, 2008 - January 9, 2009

Contest Prize:
  • Four (4) lucky winners (one from each genre) get a chance to appear on MTV & MYX
  • JAZZ 3 winners of M3510 + Php10,0000 cash
    POP 3 winners of M3510 + Php10,0000 cash
    ROCK 3 winners of M3510 + Php10,0000 cash
    REGGAE 3 winners of M3510 + Php10,0000 cash

  • Cash prizes
  • FREE to do
  • Online submission
  • Multiple submission is allowed
  • "All tones submitted will be the sole property of Samsung. Samsung can use any of the tones in future activities."
  • Long contest duration
For more information, log-in to