Photo Contest - Samsung Phones/Cameras ONLY

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 Unknown 0 Comments

You NEED a Samsung phone or camera to join Samsung's Photo Contest. To join, submit an original colored photo that shows innovation in any form. Upload you entries online and get a chance to Win Samsung Innov8 or Samsung Cameras. Chances of winning is quite high don't you think?

Contest Requirements:
  • Philippine residents age 18 and up
  • Photos must be taken with a Samsung Phone or Camera
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Take pictures using your Samsung phones/cameras that shows innovation in any form
  2. Image Requirements
    • Minimum of 72 DPI
    • Saved as .jpg file at the highest possible quality setting (12 or Max in Photoshop)
    • The file name/label should follow the file naming convention
      [Letter of contestant’s first name][Contestant’s last name][image title].jpg
  3. Complete the registration procedure and upload your entries
  4. All uploaded image must be accompanied by an original description / blog written by the photographer explaining why each photo is an expression of his innovative side
  5. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: September 19 - November 19, 2008 November 31, 2008

Contest Prize:
  • Grand Prize - Samsung Innov8
  • 2nd place - Samsung EC-L100 8 megapixel camera
  • 3rd place - Samsung EC-S760 7.2 megapixel camera


  • FREE to do
  • Online Submission
  • High chances of winning (Samsung phones and cameras only)
  • Open to Samsung only
For more information, log-in to