Paskong Pinoy Choir & Lantern making Competition

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with Paskong Pinoy Choir & Lantern making Competition. 2 separate competitions, 2 set of CASH prizes to be awarded! "Himig ng Pasko" choir competition has 2 divisions, the children and open category, so anyone can join. "Ilaw ng Pasko" lantern/parol making contest is open to anyone or any group 15 years and older.

Contest Requirements:
  • Himig ng Pasko
    • The competition shall be in two divisions – Children’s Choirs and the Open Category
    • A choir may represent a school, parish, district, or interest group
    • Participants in the children’s choir category must be in grade school, or, as in the case of out-of-school youth, must be at a maximum age of 14
    • Companies or agencies in the public and private sector are welcome to field entries in the open category
    • A choir should have a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 members
    • Each member can only participate in one choir
    • Choral conductors may be professionals
    • No child conductor is allowed
    • Interested choirs should audition on specific dates scheduled between October 4 – November 22
    • Last year’s top three winners in the Children’s Choir competition shall automatically be invited
  • Ilaw ng Pasko
    • Open to students from secondary and tertiary schools, tech-voc institutions, out-of-school youth endorsed by their respective barangays, or individuals/groups whose members are at least 15 years old
    • All entries must be newly created and must not have been published nor featured in any publication prior to the competition
    • Entries infringing on intellectual property rights shall be automatically disqualified
    • MBC and Star City shall not be held liable for any subsequent claims on copyright infringement
Contest Mechanics:
  • Himig ng Pasko
    • Competition Format
      • In each category, the top 12 choirs from the auditions are bracketed in groups of three per nightly competitions on December 9-12. One winner per category per evening. Nightly winners compete in the grand finals on December 13. All competitions will be held at the Star Theater, from 6:00-10:00 p.m.
    • Chorale Selections
      • Each choir is required to sing three pieces:
        • Competition hymn selected by organizers (“Ang Pasko ay Sumapit” for Children’s Choirs and “Pasko na Naman” for the Open category)
        • One traditional Christmas carol
        • One of three elective musical selections proposed by the choir, which may be sacred or secular, with Pilipino or English lyrics
      • Accompaniment, if any, is limited to one acoustic instrument – either piano, guitar, or other instrument specified by the score
      • Use of any electronic instrument or recorded accompaniment is not allowed
      • At least one of the musical selections must be sung a’capella
    • Running Order
      • The running order for each evening will be decided by drawing lots before each programme
    • Time Limit
      • Each choral group will be allotted a maximum of 12 minutes total performance time
    • Jury
      • The jury will be composed of people of recognised repute in the music and artistic world (including education and music criticism)
      • In order to avoid possible repetitions, the jury may choose which piece will be performed from the roster of elective musical selections
      • The judges’ decisions will be final and irrevocable
    • Criteria for Judging
      • Musicality 40%
      • Presentation 30%
      • Audience Impact 30%
    • Penalties
      • Any choral group exceeding the maximum time limit allotted for their performance will be penalized as follows:
        • Less than one (1) minute over time allotted – 1% subtracted from cumulative score
        • One (1) to two (2) minutes over time allotted – 2% subtracted from total cumulative score
        • More than two (2) minutes over time allotted – 3% subtracted from total cumulative score
  • Ilaw ng Pasko
    • Concept
      • Seeks to enable participants to re-interpret the art and form of the traditional parol, allowing them to uncover and utilize socio-historical references, folk craft, and recycling techniques. The challenge is to give new meaning to the art of illumination, and environmental consciousness via the Filipino Christmas lantern tradition
    • Submission Requirements
      • Lantern designs must be at least 6 ft high and 6 ft wide, not to exceed 10 ft as measured from both extremities, including the trimmings
      • Entries must be made of recycled material
      • Lighting systems should use energy-saving electric bulbs of any size, with 220 AC voltage. Participants take care of electric cord and male plug. Electrical outlets and electricity consumed during the display period will be provided free of charge
      • Lanterns should be free from electric shock and pyrotechnics
      • Lanterns should also be free from any sharp protrusions nor hazardous material which may cause harm to people
      • Lanterns must be able to withstand indoor and outdoor conditions for the duration of the Christmas season
      • The Lantern itself should not carry any corporate identification mark, labels, or branding of any form before the judging date. These will be allowed only after judging has taken place
      • Participants should take care of transporting their entries to and from the MBC/Star City Complex
      • Organizers will ensure the safety and security of the entries but will not be held liable for any damage or loss of an entry
      • Once an entry is submitted and formally lit, no alterations will be allowed on the design. Minor repairs such as changing of bulbs, retouching of paint, and re-glueing will be allowed, after securing permission from the contest organizers
      • The entries should be submitted on or before 5 p.m. on December 5, to be hung immediately in their designated areas within Star City. They shall be on display until January 4
      • Judging will take place on December 8
      • Entries that do not comply with any of the rules and regulations shal lbe disqualified
      • Registration forms shall indicate name of payee and person authorized to receive the check in case the entry wins a cash prize
      • Winners shall be announced and awarded their prizes on the finals night of the choral competitions (December 13)
    • Judging Criteria
      • Originality 30%
      • Artistry 20%
      • Craftsmanship 30%
      • Use of colors 10%
      • Relevance to the traditional Christmas season 10%
    • Judging Panel
      • Judging will be conducted by a distinguished panel of design professionals, architects, and engineers
Contest Period:
  • Himig ng Pasko - audition October 4 – November 22, 2008
  • Ilaw ng Pasko - submitted on or before 5 p.m. on December 5, 2008
Contest Prize:
  • Himig ng Pasko
    • Each of the 12 choirs per category (or total of 24) that qualify for the competition proper are guaranteed P7,500 take home prize
    • Daily winners on each elimination night will instead receive P15,000 each
    • For the Grand Finals, the choirs in each division will receive trophies plus cash prizes as follows:
      • Fourth place - P 15,000 and trophy
      • Third place - P30,000 and trophy
      • Second place - P50,000 and trophy
      • Champion - P100,000 and trophy

  • Ilaw ng Pasko
    • 7 runners-up shall each receive a consolation prize of P5,000
    • Third prize - P 25,000
    • Second Prize - P 50,000
    • First Prize - P100,000

  • No registration cost
  • CASH prizes
  • None
For more information and audition schedules, email or or Call 729-6254 or 09104141663


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I don't know. You could contact them at through the email and tel. num. at the end of the post