Win a Delifrance Tray Couture

Saturday, September 20, 2008 Unknown 2 Comments

I have searched long and hard to find blogs who are giving away Delifrance Tray Couture Coupons. I found 9 blogs all-in-all that you and I could join in. That's 9 times more likely that you and I could win! hehe. All we have to do is leave a comment on those blogs regarding what Delifrance Tray Couture item best describes our personality. Now isn't that easy? Good luck!

Here are the blog links:
Contest Deadline is on September 30, 2008


bonks alano said...

uy, congrats, nanalo ka ah. : )
baka meron ka namang round up post ng mga nanalo dito. di pa naguupdate yung iba.

Unknown said...

haha oo nga e. well, nageemail naman sila ng winners so no need :)