Burger King Treat

Monday, August 04, 2008 Unknown 1 Comments

I got another treat from Yehey.com! What's the treat? Well it's a Awesome Foursome meal for me and 3 of my guests at Burger King Robinsons Galleria. Yummy! Hope there are more freebies that come my way.

I came to Burger King with my sister, uncle and GF. We each got served an Awesome Foursome meal consisting of fries, sundae, soft drinks and of course burger (I think it was a Whopper Jr.). Anyway, I think we confused the manager because we ordered different side dish. I changed my fries for onion rings and ordered a chocolate sundae instead of the strawberry flavor. The sundae with chocolate syrup wasn't bad at all. Although the syrup had a watery consistency, I still enjoyed eating it. My sister said it tasted like Sustagen haha

The aftermath

The meal wasn't fit for a big boy like me so I ended up gobbling down another burger. (Burp!)

You might want to check out BK's site and get a chance to get special discounts when you refer a friend.


hey thanks for this tip :) sana makakuha ren ako :)