Bigay ni Idol Contest

Thursday, August 14, 2008 Unknown 0 Comments

Working abroad? Well, how would you like to send a present to your loved one here in the Philippines? Join in Bigay ni Idol Contest and you may just Win a gift from Express Regalo sent to your loved one. It's FREE to do and easy to accomplish.

Contest Requirement:
  • Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Register an account at
  2. Choose one of ten gifts and answer this question "Why does (the recipient) deserve this gift?"
  3. Entries should reflect the Theme of the month
  4. One submission is equivalent to one entry
  5. Only one submission per BNIC (bigay ni idol contestant/entrant) is allowed
  6. Most number of votes win
  7. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: July - December 2008

Contest Prize:
  • One (1) winner per month
    • Express Regalo will send the prize automatically to recipient declared in the contest entry
    • Shipping fee will be shouldered by Express Regalo
  • Express Regalo will give a discount for non-winners purchases

  • FREE to do
  • None
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