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Friday, August 01, 2008 Unknown 6 Comments

I have been using Sun Cellular prepaid simcard ever since it was available in the market. It's very useful for people who keep in touch regularly such as BF-GF, family, friends etc. because it has cheap call and text rates for Sun to Sun subscribers. Last year, my sister shared to me that you could convert a regular load into a Call (4 hours) & Text Unlimited. The benefit of doing this versus buying a 150 call & text unlimited load is that you can avail 25 FREE text to other networks and it lasts for 30 days. Smart eh? I have been doing this ever since I discovered it.

Here is how you do it:
  1. Buy a regular P150 load and load it in your Sun Cellular prepaid
  2. Text: TU(space)150 and send to 247
  3. You will then receive a text that contains another set of pin codes similar to that in a call card
    • This will be the pin that registers you to the 30 days text unlimited and 4 hours FREE calls
  4. Again, enter the pin into your Sun Cellular prepaid
    • Same procedure as loading your prepaid card
  5. After successfully entering the correct pin code, you will receive a confirmation that you registered for the 30 days text unlimited and 4 hours FREE calls
    • You can check the available hours of your 4 hours FREE calls by calling Bal Inquiry
  6. Enjoy your Sun to Sun 30 days text unlimited and 4 hours FREE calls and 25 FREE text
NOTE: 30 days text unlimited and 4 hours FREE calls only applies with Sun to Sun

Lets compare:

P150 Regular Load Secret TipCall & Text Unlimited P150
Expires in 30 daysExpires in 7 days
4 hours CallsUnlimited Calls
Unlimited TextsUnlimited Texts
25 FREE texts to other networks25 FREE texts to other networks

This Tip is not shown at the Sun Cellular website


Maureen said...

ako P50 lang niloload ko tapos ganon din. tu space 7 for 7 days unlimited texting and 1 hour free calls. minsan chikkatext lang. to prevent blocked contact, simply delete contact then add again. tapos you can text even more than 3 times. enjoy!

thanks for all the tips boy-kuripot ;)

Animetric said...
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Unknown said...

ok ah tnx for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Nice for the tip! The P150 tip is still more economical than the P50 option in the long run.

Thanks for sharing!

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Yung Win10 maganda din. For only P10, you can have an unlimited sun-to-sun texts, 10 minutes sun-to-sun calls, and a 10 minutes mobile internet that you can consume in a day kahit pa putol putol ang gamit. Win10 is valid for 1 day. Ang maganda pa dito, pag nag avail ka ulit ng Win10 the next day before maexpire load mo mag pla-plus/maa-add yung minutes ng calls ang mobile internet mo na di nagamit. Ayos diba? Sulit ang Sun load mo :) Cheers!