Prizes I Won Recently

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 Unknown 3 Comments

Just wanted to make a post about prizes I have won recently. I found out that it's really easy to win some of the promos/contest out there, especially online and FREE to do promos/contests (ZERO COST). Most of the people don't take advantage of promos/contests right in front of them and miss the opportunity of winning. All I can say to those people is THANK YOU because it just increases my chances of winning! haha

June 25 - Internet Marketing coaching programs, ebooks, etc. at (look for the name Jeffrey) when I made this post

June 27 - Hancock advance screening tickets for 2 at

June 30- Wanted movie items (although I got the Transformer T-shirt instead) at

July 2 - Invites for 4 at Accend Bar at Jam 88.3 (just had to say "Hi 5" in the morning show)

July 10 - Bank Job movie tickets for 2 at Wazzup Manila

Yesterday - Dark Knight advance screening for 2 when I answered a question, via email, shown on Studio23

How about you? What have you won and where did you win?


Wow nakakainggit ka naman, dami mo na nakuha prizes. Medyo di pa ako nakakapag focus sa online contests, but I will be trying my luck na. Kasi recently, I have been winning prizes at work during our gatherings like yung 2 tickets to Lea Salonga's Cinderella Show, an Overnight Stay and Dinner/Lunch buffet for two sa isang popular hotel here in Pampanga....

let me now try my luck and thanks sa mga links ha, they are very helpful!

Keep on winning!!

Lawrence said...

How can I be at your blog catalog? I am fan of your blog site. I am an online contest addict too. Just to share to this page, I've won Samsung Phone and 10,000 cash :). See, were kuripot :)

Unknown said...

Congrats Lawrence. I think I saw your blog entry a few months back. You can add me at my blog catalog here