Pixish Visual Assignments

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If you are an artist, photographer or designer, then this website is for you. Pixish.com is a website where creative people could earn $$$ and also be known in the creative world! People who are in need of creative people can use this website as well! This is a site worth checking out!

  • "Pixish is a place where people who want images and people who make images can easily find each other and collaborate on creative projects together."
  • Welcomes all kinds of artists such as photographers, designers, artist etc.
  • Welcomes those who are in need of creative people
  • FREE to join
  • Know more about Pixish.com
For those who wants images/works:
  1. Register for FREE
  2. Upload an assignment (if you want a picture, drawing, artwork etc.) for all users to see
  3. Fill up the details, deadline, reward, and guidelines of the assignment
  4. Choose the best image/work (from those who submitted on your assignment) on the deadline date and give the reward
For those who makes images/works:
  1. Register for FREE
  2. Browse through assignments from the main page
  3. Pick assignment/s
  4. Submit before the deadline and pray you win!

  • FREE to join
  • Useful to both who wants and makes images/works
  • Endless supply of assignments
  • Pixish does not have control over the transactions between the publisher and the artist (publisher might not pay so check his/her past assignments in his/her profile)
Learn more about Pixish.com