FREE UMobile Sim Card for YOU

Friday, June 20, 2008 Unknown 45 Comments

You heard me right! It's a FREE simcard by UMobile with P100 FREE load! You might have a lot of questions like: What is it? What are the benefits? Why the heck should I get one if I already have a Smart/Globe/Sun? Read on and you definitely will like the answers.

  • Philippine resident
  • 15 to 35 years old
What is it?
  • UMobile is an ad‐funded mobile service in Asia
  • UMobile " find brands that sponsor your load so that you can text, call and surf the web at no cost to you as well as earn rewards, freebies and discounts"
  • UMobile sends ads, freebies, promos, etc. that are based on your interests (which means you will find ads that are useful)
What are the benefits?
  • FREE UMobile Sim card and FREE delivery (from June to August 2008)
  • FREE P100 load!
  • Cheaper SMS/MMS (Proposed Rates)
    • SMS
      ü to ü P0.15
      ü to other networks P0.75
      ISMS P8.00
      ü to ü P0.50
      IMMS P15.00
  • Mobile Internet Rates (Proposed Rates)
    • Data rate P10.00/30 minutes
Why the heck should I get one?
  • Just read all the benefits above
  • You get Ad-funded services (customers can call, text and surf for free because a certain brand or company has sponsored his usage)
  • "All approved applicants from June 1, 2008 to August 31, 2008 will receive P100 Prepaid load per month for the 1st 6 months"
How do I get one?
  1. Make sure you are 15 to 35 years of age
  2. You have to be invited to get yourself an "invite code"
  3. You can get invite codes from me! (since I already am a member)
    • Email me your name, cellphone number, and email at (1st 10 only!)
  4. Or you can post your email address by commenting at the main blog and I will do the rest!
  5. After you get the "invite code" log-in to UMobile and follow instructions
  6. Wait for the delivery of your FREE UMobile Sim card

  • Every benefit is an upside!
  • Open only to 15 to 35 years of age
For more information, log-in to UMobile


-=rheapupot=- said...

I am interested to be a part of ümobile. Kindly send me an invite code at: Thanks a lot!

invite sent! check your mail

Anonymous said...

love to try umobile..invite me at =)

emocast_rj said...

hey! me too,,pls. tnx

invite sent!

Anonymous said...

me rin pa-try....

Anonymous said... me thanks!

invites sent! rheapupot, the email you gave me keeps on bouncing back

Anonymous said...

please send me your invite at thank you very much! :-)


~*kitkat*~ said...

gusto ko rin subukan, email ko po:, thanks! :D

donna said...

i want one too... please send me the invite at

salamat ng madami. :)

sure guys. check your mail. sent you the invites!

Anonymous said...

I'm interested. How can I have one? my num is +639192454801. thank you!

leave your email address so I can send the code there

Anonymous said...

i'd like to try it out..=)

thanks thanks

Anonymous said...

sorry, i forgot to send my email. it's


KC said...

hi! im interested to try umobile :) invite me at
tnx a lot.

invites sent!

Kathy said...

Hi. I'm interested to have Umobile. here's my email add

Thank you!

bonks. said...

uy, ako rin, pa invite. here's my add

Anonymous said...

i'm also

invites sent!

Anonymous said...

me too please... (very usefull blog)


meron ka pa invites? pa send naman :)

chef :)

Carl said...

Please send me invites, thanks!

alexadan said...

hi! meron pa ba? pasend naman...


lovey said... too.. include me on your list..

thanks sobra!! i will also send an email for my personal details:)

Anonymous said...

appreciate if you can send me one too... ... thanks !!

[mw] said...


mw111806 gmail dot com

invites sent!

Anonymous said...

sir boy, pa invite naman :)

thanks a lot!!! :)

Eugene de Guzman said...

Hi, hope u can give me one thanks!

As of Sept 1, Umobile isn't giving out simcards so just wait for my update or you could leave your name, cellnumber and email here and I will give you an invite as soon as Umobile could give out simcards again. Ciao

Wendy said...

I received an invite a long time ago (maybe July?) and they emailed me that they will deliver a sim card but I never got it... (animetric)

sorry abt that wendy. natry mo ba sila icontact?

Dugong lumad said...

meron pa bang free umobile sim ngayon?

Anonymous said...

Boy Kuri... pa send nmn ng invites sa

Nice Blog! Ashtig APIR!

D pa rin sila namimigay e. Pero update ko kayo agad pag mamimigay na ulit sila ng sim.

RafsisoN said...

Penge naman ako nyan... Pakisend na lang po sa email ko @ ang Invite Code, thank you po kuya!

Anonymous said...

send one 4,,,tankzzz

Anonymous said...

try ko din po ^_^ tnx in advance!!1

Anonymous said...

Boy Kuri,

Meron na ba invites ang Umobile Sim?
Penge nmn, invite mo ako -

hi, wala na yung service e. papalitan ng iba. red mobile na ata tawag. you can read more at yugatech

Anonymous said...

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