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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 Unknown 2 Comments

Wave 89.1 Driftwave is the 1st Drift Car give-away promo (more like a contest to me). In this contest, you get a chance to drive home a Drift Car! Don't know how to drift? No problem, the prize goes with drift lessons too! I don't know how to drift but the prize sounds good to me! Tune in to Wave 89.1 this summer!

Download: Audio Ad on Wave 89.1 DriftWave (playable in Quicktime)

Contest Requirements:
  • You must have a car (to put the sticker on)
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Tune in to Wave 89.1 to know the venues of their weekly stick-ons
  2. Get the limited edition Wave 89.1 and PLDT My DSL Car Stickers and stick it on your car to qualify for an entry stub and place it inside the drop box
  3. By the end of June, 5 Lucky people will be chosen from 89.1's on-air raffle and they must race to the final venue withing one (1) hour to pick out one (1) out of five (5) parking slots
  4. Each slot will represent a prize
  5. View the complete details

Contest Period: Now until June 2008

Contest Prize:
  1. One (1) Drift Car (listen to audio ad for details of Drift Car)
  2. One (1) Plasma TV
  3. One (1) Laptop computer
  4. One (1) Fatman Tube

  • Drift Car with drifting lessons included!
  • No cost (well, except for the gas)
  • Exciting contest (it's like Amazing Race)
  • Advertised only on Wave 89.1 as of now (cannot find internet sources)
  • Sticker on the car (could probably be removed)
  • You may have a problem if the contest runs on office hours hehe
For more information refer to the poster
Or you could listen to (my awful attempt) recording of the ad (playable in Quicktime)
Or better yet go to Wave 89.1


corrine said...

Hi! would you have a post about this year wave 89.1 car giveaway?

Unknown said...

Hi Corrine, did you hear on the radio that they will be doing it again this year? I've been listening to their radio station this morning and didn't hear an ad on it yet