Premyo Sa Resibo JACKPOT (Prize for Receipt Jackpot)

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Premyo sa Resibo (PSP) is a promo of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), in support of the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue. The promo aims to promote buyers to ask for merchants' receipts in order to prevent leakages in tax collection system. Check out the latest winner

Originally, PSP only had 1 promo which you only need to text in the details of the receipt which is easy to do. Recently however, they added a new feature which is Premyo sa Resibo Jackpot where you could win a lot more.

This is similar to Lotto of PCSO.

Promo Mechanics:

  1. Text : PSR [space] JP [space] TIN No[asterisk] OR No [asterisk] AA[space] BB [space] CC[space]DD example is the image on the right but replace 130 with the 4 unique numbers separated by spaces.
    • PSR JP is the keyword for PSR JACKPOT
    • TIN No is the Tax Identification Number of the entity that issued the OR and must be all numbers without spaces between numbers
    • OR No is the Official Receipt number
    • AA, BB, CC, DD are any four unique numbers from 1 to 56
  2. Send to 9779.
  3. Wait for confirmation text
    1. Valid entry
      • "Rcvd ur entry AA BB CC DD for PSR Jackpot mm/dd/yy draw. Ref # is 9999999999. Winners below 21 yrs old will forfeit their winnings. This message P6.00"
    2. Invalid/wrong entry
      • "Format: PSR JP TIN*ORNo*AA BB CC DD U were charged P1.50" or
      • "TIN must be 9 to 12 digits. This message P1.50" or
      • "Pls resend entry with OR Number. This message P1.50" or
      • "Pls choose 4 unique numbers from 1-56 to qualify. This message P1.50" or
      • "Format: PSR JP TIN*ORNo*AA BB CC DD. U were charged P1.50"
  4. Keep your receipt (in case you win of course!)
Promo prize: Php 5,000,000+ (5M is carried over if nobody wins)

Promo period: ENDED

  • Now who doesn't want to be a millionaire? Jackpot is 5,035,326 Pesos as of May 5, 2008 (source: Phil Star)
  • Tax free!
  • Complex mechanics makes it hard for people to join (Smart users also has advantage)
  • 4 Pesos cheaper than Lotto of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) haha
  • You help prevent tax leakages!


  • Available to Smart subscribers only
  • Per text/raffle entry is 6 Pesos (I think, the website is not very clear on the cost per text)
  • Long text (I suggest you make a draft or template in your cellphone to make it easier)
  • Difficult to win because of the four 2 digit combinations which needs to be in order! (different from PCSO lotto)
  • Only 1 entry per receipt unlike the original PSP promo which can have 5 entry per receipt.
If you ask me, I would just join the original PSP promo (the 9777 & 9778) because it is less hassle to text, you have higher probability of winning, the cost per text is just 1.50 Pesos, and you can have more than 1 entry per receipt therefore optimizing the receipt.

For more info go to the PSP main site Also check the Sun.Star article
WARNING : Navigation is a bit confusing at PSP site