Philip Morris Cool Tube

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 Unknown 2 Comments

Philip Morris Cool Tube promo lets you win super cool prizes! If you are a smoker and your brand is Philip Morris, or if you know someone who smokes that brand, don't miss the chance to participate in this promo. Who said smoking was bad for you? haha

Promo Requirements:
  • Open to adult smokers 18 years old and above
  • Philip Morris pack/s (Philip Morris Menthol 100's Fliptop box, Philip Morris Menthol 100's Soft pack, Philip Morris Menthol King Size 20's, Philip Morris King Size 10's)
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Count the number of packs inside the cube (picture above from Phil. Star):
    • A. 54 packs
    • B. 56 packs
    • C. 58 packs
    • D. 60 packs (Tip: Pick letter D but don't blame me if it's wrong hehe)
  2. Write the following details on the back of an empty pack of Philip Morris
    • Name
    • Address
    • Age
    • Telephone Number
    • Signature
    • Correct number of Philip Morris packs inside the "Cool Cube"
  3. Drop in drop boxes (no detail on this) or mail to
    • PHILIP MORRIS "COOL CUBE" PROMO c/o Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc. MCC P.O. Box 2338 Makati City 1226
  4. See Posters for more Details (cannot find anything on the net)
Promo Period: March 24, 2008 - May 18, 2008

Promo Prize:
  • One (1) 2008 BMW
  • Three (3) Piaggio Scooters
  • Twenty (20) Apple Imac 20"
  • Thirty (30) Sony DVD Camcorder
  • Seventy (70) Oakley Juliet Sunglasses
  • One Hundred (100) Apple iPod Touch

  • Ridiculously cool prizes
  • Tons of prizes (even if you get the consolation prize, Apple iPod Touch)
  • Short promo period (for so much prizes)
  • Quite tedious


Anonymous said...

Hey guys can you tell me where to find the result for this promo?

Unknown said...

wow tagal na nyan hehe. you could probably call them up to ask