Magic 89.9 Carpool Contest

Monday, May 12, 2008 Unknown 0 Comments

Magic 89.9 Carpool is holding a contest to fix your ride for FREE courtesy of LNS paint and body kits! All you have to do is email your sob story and a picture of your car. Is this the Pimp my Ride Philippine version?

Contest Requirements:
  • Dents, dimples, small accidents on your car/vehicle
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Email your sob story - what happened to your car, and 89.9 Carpool should choose you as the winner for the week at
  2. Attach a picture of the damaged portion of your ride that you would want us to fix.
  3. Include contact details!
  4. Don't make your story too long. Read 1st winner's story
Contest Period:
  • 6 more cars to fix - 2 cars per week - 3 weeks to go I think (End of May 2008)
  • Draw dates Thursday night around 8pm - 830pm
Contest Prize:
  • Car is fixed by LNS paint and body kits
    • NOTE: The carpool repair shop will only fix car body damages. Interior and car accesories are not included in the repair.
  • Zero cost to join
  • Easy to join and accomplish
  • There might be a lot of submissions (advertisement at 89.9 quite heavy)
  • Contest mechanics not so detailed
Read more about the contest